Whether you’re a single mother by choice or circumstance, this site might have some, if not all, of the answers to what government benefits you might be entitled to — and how to apply.


Alabama offers various benefit programs for single moms, providing vital support to these families during challenging times.


There is a plethora of benefits in place to help low-income single mothers in Alaska, including food and nutrition, housing, daycare as well as medical care.


In the state of Arizona, several programs cover the needs of single women raising children alone, providing support when it is needed most.


The state of Arkansas offers various benefit programs for single mothers and their families, each with its own set of eligibility guidelines.


To help single mothers stand on their feet, the state of California has adopted several programs to make life easier for them.


Colorado provides targeted programs for single moms to address their most pressing needs, offering assistance where it is most crucial.


With the state programs to back them up, every single mother in CT has an equal chance, “a level playing field” to achieve self-sufficiency.


Delaware’s support programs for single mothers take into account everything that these women and their families need to survive the economy.

District of Columbia

Single moms in District often find it tough to make ends meet but the State realizes their plight and offers its own set of support programs.


Through the state’s programs and initiatives, Florida reaches out to single mothers in need, helping them get their lives back on track.


Amid economic challenges, single mothers have a much harder time than married couples. However, the state of Georgia offers a number of support programs to assist and uplift them.


The state of Hawaii offers several assistance programs that specifically target the many challenges that single mothers have to deal with everyday.


To better their lives, and those of their children, the state of Idaho provides support for single mothers in more ways than one.


Single mothers in Illinois who meet income and eligibility standards may be eligible for a variety of welfare programs courtesy of the state of Illinois.


To support single mothers in their plight, the state of Indiana offers assistance that eases their financial and emotional stresses.


The dual role of “combining full-time work and raising kid(s) alone” is no easy task. It is a reality the state of Iowa aims to address.


Kansas is committed to supporting single mothers living in poverty. Through various programs, the state aims to ease their burden and provide vital assistance.


The state of Kentucky runs several programs that helps single mothers ease the stress of trying to juggle work and parenting responsibilities.


Louisiana tackles high poverty rates and economic inequality among single mother families through diverse benefit programs enhancing their lives.


In Maine, the state makes every possible efforts to assist single mothers through programs that give these families a better chance at self-sufficiency.


The state of Maryland offers support programs designed to cater to the most basic needs of single mothers, helping them become self-reliant.


In Massachusetts, a great deal of state resources are in place to benefit the state's most disadvantaged residents, notably single mothers and their families.


The state of Michigan offers support to single mothers and their children in a variety of ways, providing a necessary safety net in tough economic times.


The state of Minnesota recognizes the plight of single mothers and is offering the much needed financial assistance for them and their families.


Single mothers in Mississippi rely heavily on the state government for support on many, if not all, aspects of their daily living.


In Missouri, the state government offers a wide range of programs to cater to different levels of society, from lower income to single-parent families.


Single parenting is a tough job. That's why the state of Montana reaches out to support single mothers through federal- and state-initiated programs.


Single mothers often fare worst even in the best of times. The state of Nebraska guarantees that help is always available for for them and their family.


The state of Nevada, through a set of its own programs, assures single mothers that they have something to lean on during times of economic hardships.

New Hampshire

There are several key points which the NH programs hope to achieve. But all boils down to the provision of basic necessities to those in need.

New Jersey

Single mothers in NJ struggle to provide even the bare necessities for their families, prompting the state to offer financial assistance through various key programs.

New Mexico

To help improve the lives of single mothers, the state of New Mexico has adopted several key programs to address their most basic needs.

New York

In a bid to cushion the impact of recession, the state of New York provides a number of safety net programs for single mothers and their families.

North Carolina

Recognizing its inherent duty, the state of North Carolina is pooling its resources together to offer the necessary support to single mothers.

North Dakota

Although North Dakota has one of the lowest rate of unemployment, single mothers still face greater challenges in meeting their basic needs.


If you are a single mother and find yourself helpless, the state of Ohio has lined up several support programs to ease your burden during times of hardship.


The state of Oklahoma understands the plight of lower-income, single-parent families by offering a “safety net” for the state's most disadvantaged families.


Through programs for single mothers — whether food, medical care, or housing assistance, Oregon strives to lift the financial burden off their shoulders.


Pennsylvania recognizes the fact that single mothers need all the help they can get. For that, programs are made available to reach out to them.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s economy relies mainly on federal aid from the United States — a substantial portion of which is earmarked for public welfare.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island provides a comprehensive safety net for single mothers and their families through a range of specially designed programs, offering support during economic challenges.

South Carolina

South Carolina has several key programs to address the plight of the state's most vulnerable families with an emphasis on financial self-sufficiency.

South Dakota

South Dakota has several key programs that are geared towards helping single mothers afford life's most basic needs — food, shelter, and education.


In times of economic downturn, the state of Tennessee stepped in with programs that specifically target the needs of single mothers.


To help single mothers in Texas, the state offers a plethora of state's support programs that are all geared towards improving the quality of their life.


The state of Utah offers a wide range of programs designed to help single mothers with basic needs such as food, childcare, healthcare, etc.


Without intervention, single mothers and their families struggle financially. That's why programs are set up to provide assistance in every possible way.


The state of Virginia offers state-specific financial assistance to single mothers who carry the burden of providing for their children alone.


Washington isn't turning a blind eye to the plight of single mothers; the state has a good number of support programs to help these families ease their financial burden.

West Virginia

Single mothers often bear a tremendous financial burden. In West Virginia, programs are available for them to make up for any lack of financial resources.


To make life a little easier for single mothers, the state of Wisconsin is taking positive steps to provide assistance programs when needed.


Wyoming acknowledges the financial challenges faced by single moms, offering tailored support programs to alleviate their burdens and provide vital assistance.

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