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Maryland (MD) Unemployment Insurance

In Maryland, as in every other state, employees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify to collect unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 full weeks during a one-year period.

Maryland Food Supplement Program

The Food Supplement Program (FSP) helps low-income households in Maryland buy the food they need for healthy eating. Unless otherwise exempted, all FSP recipients must register for work and take part in an employment and training program.

Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance Grant

Like the GA Grant, this is a need-based award but less generous than the GA — the minimum annual award amount is $400 and the maximum award is $3,000.

Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant

Funded by the state of Maryland, the Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant offers eligible Maryland students financial aid that may cover full-time college tuition at any public or private college or university in Maryland.

Maryland Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)

Maryland’s Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) is a time-limited program that assists needy families with children through a combination of cash assistance and work opportunities — up to a lifetime limit of 60 months.

Working Families Income Supplement

Montgomery County is one of three counties to offer a local EITC, called Working Families Income Supplement. Under the County program, Montgomery County matches the State Refundable EITC dollar-for-dollar.