Montgomery County’s Working Families Income Supplement

Montgomery County, a large suburban county neighboring the District of Columbia, is one of three counties to offer a local EITC, called Working Families Income Supplement.

Under the County program, Montgomery County matches the State Refundable EITC dollar-for-dollar. For example, if the State refunds $100, the County will add an additional $100.


In order to receive the County Refundable EITC, you must:

  1. Be eligible for the State Refundable EITC and
  2. Have filed, as a Montgomery County resident, for the tax year in which the Refundable EITC is claimed.

Questions regarding eligibility for either the State or Montgomery County Refundable EITC must be addressed to the Maryland Office of the Comptroller.

For additional information, please call
(410) 260-7980