CHIP Program by State

Currently, 7 states including District of Columbia operate CHIP through their Medicaid program; 15 states operate a separate CHIP program; and 28 states use a combination approach.

More than half of the states (29, including D.C.) cover children in families with incomes at or above 250% FPL and 19 states, including D.C., cover children in families with incomes at or above 300% FPL.

STATE Program Name Eligibility1 Type
Alabama ALL Kids 317% Separate CHIP
Alaska Denali Kidcare < 208% Medicaid Expansion
Arizona KidsCare2 205% Separate CHIP
Arkansas ARKids First < 216% Combination
California Healthy Families3 < 266% Combination
Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) 265% Separate CHIP
Connecticut HUSKY (Part B) 263% Separate CHIP
Delaware Healthly Children 217% Combination
District of Columbia DC Healthy Families < 324% Medicaid Expansion
Florida Florida KidCare 215% Combination
Georgia PeachCare for Kids 252% Separate CHIP
Hawaii QUEST < 359% Medicaid Expansion
Idaho Idaho Health Plan 190% Combination
Illinois ALL Kids 318% Combination
Indiana Hoosier Healthwise 255% Combination
Iowa Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawk-I) 307% Combination
Kansas Healthwave 250% Separate CHIP
Kentucky KCHIP (Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program) 218% Combination
Louisiana LaCHIP 255% Combination
Maine MaineCare 213% Combination
Maryland Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) < 322% Medicaid Expansion
Massachusetts MassHealth 305% Combination
Michigan MIChild 217% Combination
Minnesota MinnesotaCare < 280% Combination
Mississippi CHIP 214% Separate CHIP
Missouri MO HealthNet for Kids 305% Combination
Montana Healthy Montana Kids 266% Combination
Nebraska Kids Connection < 218% Combination
Nevada Nevada Check Up 205% Combination
New Hampshire Healthy Kids < 323% Medicaid Expansion
New Jersey NJ Family Care 355% Combination
New Mexico New Mexikids/MexiTeens < 305% Medicaid Expansion
New York Child Health Plus (CHPlus) 405% Combination
North Carolina NC Health Choice for Children (NCHC) 216% Combination
North Dakota Healthy Steps 175%4 Combination
Ohio Healthy Start < 211% Medicaid Expansion
Oklahama SoonerCare < 210% Combination
Oregon Healthy Kids 305% Separate CHIP
Pennsylvania CHIP 319% Separate CHIP
Rhode Island RIte Care < 266% Combination
South Carolina Healthy Connections Kids < 213% Medicaid Expansion
South Dakota CHIP 209% Combination
Tennessee CoverKids 255% Combination
Texas CHIP 206% Separate CHIP
Utah CHIP 205% Separate CHIP
Vermont Dr. Dynasaur 317% Separate CHIP
Virginia Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) 205% Combination
Washington Apple Health for Kids 317% Separate CHIP
West Virginia CHIP 305% Separate CHIP
Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus 306% Combination
Wyoming KidCare CHIP 205% Separate CHIP

  1. Eligibility levels reflect MAGI converted income standards that include a five percentage point of the federal poverty level disregard and are subject to change. []
  2. Arizona instituted an enrollment freeze in its CHIP program, KidsCare, on December 21, 2009. The program remains closed to new applicants. []
  3. There will be no new enrollments of children into the Healthy Families Program. Families with uninsured children are encouraged to apply for coverage for their children through the Medi-Cal. []
  4. North Dakota is one of only two (2) states to set eligibility for SCHIP below 200% FPL. []