The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health coverage to eligible children, through both Medicaid and separate CHIP programs.

CHIP provides insurance coverage to uninsured, low-income children above Medicaid income eligibility thresholds. Each state has the option to cover its CHIP population within its Medicaid program, design and structure a separate CHIP program, or establish a combination program using both options.

Currently, 9 states including District of Columbia operate CHIP through their Medicaid program; 2 states — Connecticut and Washington, operate a separate CHIP program; and 40 states use a combination approach.

STATE Program Name Eligibility Type
Alabama ALL Kids 312% Combination
Alaska Denali Kidcare < 203% Medicaid Expansion
Arizona KidsCare 200% Combination
Arkansas ARKids First 211% Combination
California Healthy Families 2 317% Combination
Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) 260% Combination
Connecticut HUSKY (Part B) 318% Separate CHIP
Delaware Healthly Children 212% Combination
District of Columbia DC Healthy Families < 319% Medicaid Expansion
Florida Florida KidCare 210% Combination
Georgia PeachCare for Kids 247% Combination
Hawaii QUEST < 308% Medicaid Expansion
Idaho Idaho Health Plan 185% Combination
Illinois ALL Kids 313% Combination
Indiana Hoosier Healthwise 250% Combination
Iowa Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawk-I) 302% Combination
Kansas Healthwave 238% Combination
Kentucky KCHIP (Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program) 213% Combination
Louisiana LaCHIP 250% Combination
Maine MaineCare 208% Combination
Maryland Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) < 317% Medicaid Expansion
Massachusetts MassHealth 300% Combination
Michigan MIChild < 212% Combination
Minnesota MinnesotaCare < 275% Combination
Mississippi CHIP 209% Combination
Missouri MO HealthNet for Kids 300% Combination
Montana Healthy Montana Kids 261% Combination
Nebraska Kids Connection < 213% Combination
Nevada Nevada Check Up 200% Combination
New Hampshire Healthy Kids < 318% Medicaid Expansion
New Jersey NJ Family Care 350% Combination
New Mexico New Mexikids/MexiTeens < 300% Medicaid Expansion
New York Child Health Plus (CHPlus) 400% Combination
North Carolina NC Health Choice for Children (NCHC) 211% Combination
North Dakota 3 Healthy Steps 170% Combination
Ohio Healthy Start < 206% Medicaid Expansion
Oklahama SoonerCare < 205% Combination
Oregon Healthy Kids 300% Combination
Pennsylvania CHIP 314% Combination
Rhode Island RIte Care < 261% Combination
South Carolina Healthy Connections Kids < 208% Medicaid Expansion
South Dakota CHIP 204% Combination
Tennessee CoverKids 250% Combination
Texas CHIP 201% Combination
Utah CHIP 200% Combination
Vermont Dr. Dynasaur < 312% Medicaid Expansion
Virginia Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) 200% Combination
Washington Apple Health for Kids 312% Separate CHIP
West Virginia CHIP 300% Combination
Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus 301% Combination
Wyoming KidCare CHIP 200% Combination

  1. Eligibility levels reflect MAGI converted income standards that include a five percentage point of the federal poverty level disregard and are subject to change.
  2. There will be no new enrollments of children into the Healthy Families Program. Families with uninsured children are encouraged to apply for coverage for their children through the Medi-Cal.
  3. North Dakota is one of only two (2) states to set eligibility for SCHIP below 200% FPL.