Grants for Single Moms 2024

There is a plethora of grants for single mothers — the likes of TANF cash assistance, food stamps, WIC, child care assistance, to name but a few.

Smarter Way to Save for Education

If you've been wondering how you'll be able to save enough for college, a 529 plan is your answer. Paperless setup. Automated contributions.

Access Missouri

the state’s largest student financial aid program, is designed to help qualified Missouri residents attend colleges and universities throughout Missouri.

Indiana's Adult Student Grant

is designed to provide access for needy Indiana students to attend eligible postsecondary institutions on a “need-based” basis.

Alabama Food Assistance (SNAP)

provides monthly cash benefits to eligible low income Alabamians to help them buy the food they need for good health.

Alabama Student Assistance Program

one of the Alabama Student Aid Programs that awards eligible Alabama state residents to study at an independent college or university in Alabama.

Alabama TANF

provides temporary financial assistance for needy families with children whose income must meet the eligibility thresholds.

Alabama (AL) Unemployment Compensation

is built around one central idea, employees who lose their job, through no fault of their own, deserves financial help.

Alaska Education Grant (AEG)

provides need-based financial assistance to eligible Alaska students attending qualifying postsecondary institutions in Alaska.

Alaska Performance Scholarship

provides an opportunity for Alaska high school students to earn a scholarship to help cover the cost of postsecondary education in Alaska.

Alaska SNAP

is a 100% federally funded program that provides food assistance to very low income people and families in Alaska.

Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)

provides temporary cash assistance and work-readiness services to low-income families with children in Alaska.

Arizona Nutrition Assistance

helps low-income families buy healthy food. The amount of which depends on household size and income.

Arizona TANF

provides temporary cash assistance and supportive services to to the neediest of Arizona’s children and their families.

Arkansas Future Grant (ArFuture)

Arkansas Future Grant (ArFuture) is the newest state grant program for non-traditional students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields or any high-demand areas of study.

Arkansas Higher Education Opportunities Grant

GO! Grant provides $1000 grants to full-time and $500 grants to part-time students based on financial need.

Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me

is a Medicaid program that offers eligible Arkansans private health insurance coverage — at no cost.

Arkansas SNAP

issues monthly electronic benefits for eligible families in Arkansas which can be used in place of cash to buy food.

Arkansas TANF

is a time-limited welfare program to help needy families in Arkansas become more responsible for their own support.

Arkansas Work Pays

an incentive program that encourages former TEA recipients to remain employed by providing supplemental income payments.

Arizona LEAP

provides need-based awards up to $2,500 per academic year to Arizona resident students who meet the eligibility criteria.

California CalFresh

an entitlement program that provides monthly benefits to low-income households to buy the food they need to maintain adequate nutritional levels.

California Cal Grant

the nation’s largest state-funded college aid program, is a need-based grant that have helped many low-income Californians fund their college education.

California CalWORKs

is a California’s welfare program that provides temporary cash assistance to eligible needy families with children.

California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC)

a cash-back tax credit that puts money back into the pockets of California’s working families and individuals with annual earnings under $30,000.

Paid Family Leave California

Under California’s Paid Family Leave, eligible employees may take up to eight (8) weeks of paid leave to be with their families.

California Tribal TANF

an assistance program for American Indians and Alaska Natives which provides cash aid and supportive services to eligible needy children and families.

California (CA) Unemployment Benefits

In California, employees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify to collect unemployment benefits.

Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers

One of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent or guardian is choosing quality child care. And that doesn't come cheap.

SNAP-eligible Groceries

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