Arkansas Work Pays

Arkansas Work Pays is an incentive program that encourages former Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) recipients to remain employed.

It is designed to help working families make an easier transition to self-sufficiency by providing supplemental income payments. This work incentive program is, however, limited to 3,000 families only.

Families no longer receiving regular TEA checks will receive an additional 24 months of cash assistance payment in the amount of $204, provided they meet the Work Pays eligibility requirements. 1

Work Pays Eligibility Requirements #


To qualify for Arkansas Work Pays, participants must have received at least 3 months of TEA cash assistance and be engaged in paid work activities for at least 24 hours a week.

The Work Pays payment will be reduced by 50% in any month the work hours requirement is not met without good cause.

Work Pays Bonus #


Additional bonus will be rewarded for those who meet the work requirements and will be paid in addition to the monthly cash assistance payment.

For example, those who meet the work participation requirements for three (3) consecutive months will receive a bonus in the amount of $400.00.

Additional $600 if they remain employed for an additional six (6) consecutive months and an additional $800 when they exit the program in 24 months.

Work Pays Application Process #


Families leaving TEA will receive a Work Pays application. For those interested in applying for Work Pays, the application must be completed and mailed to the local DHHS or DWS office.

For additional information about Arkansas Work Pays, call
Department of Workforce Services
(855) 225-4440

  1. The twenty-four (24) months will count toward the federal 60 month time limit but not the state’s TEA 24 month limit.