Oklahoma TANF

Oklahoma TANF provides public assistance programs for eligible families with children under the age of 18, on a time-limited basis.

Among the program’s purposes are:

  1. to provide temporary assistance to needy families;
  2. to end dependency of needy parents by promoting job preparation and work.

As a result, TANF recipients are required to participate in work related activities for a specified number of hours per week.

What benefits does the program offer? #

  1. Cash Payment
  2. SoonerCare
  3. Child Care Subsidy (with $0 copay)
  4. Participation in Job Readiness Activities
  5. Flexible Funds (based on need and case status)


How do I qualify for TANF in Oklahoma? #

To be considered for TANF in Oklahoma, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.
  2. Be a resident of the state of Oklahoma.
  3. Be pregnant or have a child under age 19.
  4. Be unemployed or under employed for very low wages.
  5. Have countable income within certain limits.

What is the income limit for TANF in Oklahoma? #

In Oklahoma, a family is considered “needy” when their countable income is less than 185% of the poverty level, about $3,833 a month for a family of three. Resources are excluded in determining eligibility.

  • Family Size Income Limit
  • 1 $2,248
  • 2 $3,040
  • 3 $3,833
  • 4 $4,625
  • 5 $5,418
  • 6 $6,210
  • 7 $7,003
  • 8 $7,795

How do I apply for TANF in Oklahoma? #

To apply for TANF, you must submit completed form 08MP001 (Request for Benefits) to your local DHS Human Services Center near you.

To apply for TANF online without having to come into a DHS county office, please use OKDHSLive!. If you don’t already have an account, please create one.

Once an application is initiated, an appointment will be scheduled for a face to face interview to complete the application process and determine your eligibility

How much do I get for TANF in Oklahoma? #

Oklahoma’s cash benefit is limited to $292 per month for a single parent of two or just less than 20% of the federal poverty line. 1

How much does diversion assistance pay in Oklahoma? #

The maximum DA payment is equal to four months of the payment standard for the appropriate family size based on the family's financial need.

For a family of three, that's about $1,168.

Does Oklahoma drug test for welfare? #

Oklahoma requires all adults who applied for TANF to undergo mandatory drug screening, and those who tested positive are to be denied benefits for up to one year.

Children of adults who are denied benefits because of drug abuse would still be eligible to receive TANF benefits through a third-party who passes the drug screening.


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