Vermont Reach Up

Updated June 14, 2019

Reach Up is Vermont’s primary program that helps families with children by providing cash assistance for basic necessities and services that support work and self-sufficiency.

Services include employment placement, job training, career counseling, and help with college through the Post Secondary Education (PSE) Program.

Reach First does the same for parents in short-term financial crisis who will likely no longer need help in four months or less. A cash benefit may be provided in a lump sum or in payments, based on the families’ needs.

Eligibility depends on your income, resources, living expenses, who lives with you, your ability to work, and other factors.

Eligible families of three may receive up to $640 per month for a lifetime total of 60 months. Benefit rates are slightly higher in Chittenden County.

Reach Up recipients may also be eligible for Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP), also known as child care subsidy.1

As a condition of eligibility, you’re expected to work at least 30 hours a week or participate in approved activities that will lead to a job.2


Application for Reach Up can be made online via myBenefits or in person at your local district office.

To request for paper application, call

After your application is filed, an interview will be arranged, either by phone or in person, to determine your family eligibility. In most cases, you’re expected to attend an orientation as part of the application process.

For additional details about Reach Up, visit

  1. Families leaving Reach Up who enrolled in Reach Ahead may receive a full child care subsidy in addition to a small food benefit for up to one year.
  2. Applicants in families with two parents who are able to work are referred to the Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL) for immediate job search.