Texas (TX) Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance offers temporary financial assistance to employees who are out of work or partially out of work through no fault of their own.

Eligibility for benefits requires that the claimant be able to work, available for work, be seeking work, and be willing to accept a suitable job. If you quit your job voluntarily, without good cause, you won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits.


How much is unemployment insurance in Texas? #

How much you may get for unemployment in Texas is the total you earned in your highest quarter divided by 25. That is, the highest of the first four of the last five quarters before the date of your initial claim.

Depending upon your previous earnings, your weekly benefit amount will be between $73 and $577, claimable for up to 26 weeks.

This TWC Benefits Estimator will help you determine whether or not you are entitled to receive benefits, and how much those benefits may be.

How long does it take to get approved for unemployment in Texas? #

Most unemployment claims in Texas take about three to four weeks to process, as long as you submit all of the required information, and no follow-up is necessary.

To check your claim status, call Tele-Serv at 800-558-8321 and select option 2.

Can you extend unemployment benefits in Texas? #

No. Most Texans receive jobless benefits for up to 26 weeks only.

State extended benefits are only available during times of high unemployment in Texas. At this time, there are no extended benefits available in Texas so you can’t claim any benefits for more than 26 weeks. 1

How can I apply for unemployment in Texas? #

Just like any other state, you may apply for unemployment benefits as soon as you lose your job. This can be done in-person, over the phone, or over the internet.

If you wish to file by phone, call a TWC Tele-Center at 800-939-6631 and speak to a customer service representative.

As part of your application process, you are also required to register as a job seeker within three business days at Work in Texas or with the nearest Workforce Solutions office unless otherwise exempt.

After you have filed a claim, you must continue to certify for benefits and meet eligibility requirements each week in order to receive benefit payments.

If your application is denied, you have the legal right to appeal that decision within 14 days after you receive a Determination Notice.


  1. TWC last paid extended benefits under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program, which ended on December 28, 2013.
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