Tennessee Reconnect

Tennessee Reconnect provides the same last-dollar benefits as Tennessee Promise, but for adults over age 24 to attend college tuition-free.

TN Reconnect is an initiative by the state government that allows Tennesseans 23 and older to return to school or start for the first time to receive an associate or technical degree, tuition-free.


How do I qualify for TN reconnect? #

  1. Be a Tennessee resident at least one year before applying.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  3. Are age 23 or older, or can be classified as an independent student per FAFSA guidelines.
  4. Not have previously earned an associate or baccalaureate degree.
  5. Be admitted to an eligible institution and be enrolled at least six (6) credit hours. For a list of eligible institutions, click here.

As a last-dollar scholarship, Tennessee Reconnect will provide whatever amount remains after your Pell, HOPE, Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA), and other financial aid funds are applied.

How do I apply for TN reconnect? #

To be considered for eligibility, students must first complete the FAFSA by the deadline date, and TN Reconnect Scholarship application in the TSAC Student Portal.

Inside the TSAC Student Portal, choose “Apply for Scholarships” and select “Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship Application”.

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