New Mexico Works (NM Works)

New Mexico Works (NM Works) — New Mexico’s version of TANF, is the essential part of the safety net for very low-income families in New Mexico.

It provides time-limited cash assistance to poor families with children who qualify. Eligibility is limited to a percentage of federal poverty level. 1

While cash benefits are meager, NM Works provides the much needed assistance for thousands of New Mexicans who rely on TANF as their only source of cash income.

With a few exceptions, NM Works recipients ages 16—59 must take part at least 30 hours per week in activities to help them get the necessary skills that will allow them to “move from welfare to work”.


How much do you get for TANF in New Mexico? #


How much money you get for TANF in New Mexico largely depends upon your family’s income and size. New Mexico pays a maximum of $447 a month to a family of three with little or no income.

How to apply for TANF in New Mexico? #


Application for all public assistance in New Mexico, including NM Works, can be done online via Yes! New Mexico — the official portal for residents of New Mexico to apply, renew and check benefits at the comfort of their home.

Once eligibility is confirmed, you will receive your EBT Card preloaded with your monthly approved benefit amount no later than 30 working days from the date the office received your application.

How long can you receive TANF in New Mexico? #


Receipt of NM Works is limited to no more than 60 months. However, there is a “hardship exception” that allows some families to continue getting TANF payments beyond that limit. Proof of hardship circumstances is often required.

To learn more about the program, you may use the Office Locator Map to find a NMHSD Income Support Field Office near you or contact

ISD Customer Service Center
(800) 283-4465

  1. Eligibility for all programs is partially based on an individual’s or family’s countable household income. The guidelines are provided here.