Nevada TANF

Updated June 14, 2019

Nevada TANF serves low-income families with children by providing temporary assistance and supportive services to help participants become self-sufficient.

There are currently on two (2) cash assistance programs available under TANF.


  2. The New Employees of Nevada (NEON) program, the state’s work program, is for needy families with work-eligible household members.

    As a condition of eligibility, participants are required to create a Personal Responsibility Plan and comply with the required work-related activities.

    Receipt of TANF NEON is, however, limited to 24 months only, with some exceptions for hardship cases.


  4. Under the Child Only program, children living with a relative, are provided cash assistance while adults in the household who are not eligible to work are not.

    There is no time limit associated with the receipt of TANF CHILD-ONLY.

Other programs you may be eligible for include the Self Sufficiency Grant program, the TANF Loan program, and the Temporary Assistance (TA) program.

Temporary Assistance (TA) is only available to families experiencing a crisis situation and is limited to no more than four months.


Tribal TANF is also available in Nevada but services are limited to members or descendants of the Washoe Tribe.

The Native TANF program provides temporary aid and services to Native American families that are at risk of welfare dependency.

Those wishing to apply for any TANF benefit may do so at ACCESS Nevada, DWSS’s online electronic application.

Upon receipt of your application, an interview will be set up to review your eligibility, either in person (face-to-face) or over the phone.