Nevada SNAP

Nevada SNAP helps low-income Nevada families with cash assistance to buy the food they need for a nutritionally adequate diet. Eligibility is based on income, household size, assets and some household expenses.

Nevada requires all able-bodied recipients ages 16—59 who aren’t exempt to register for work, accept an offer of suitable work, or meet other work requirements to keep their SNAP benefits.


In order to qualify for SNAP, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Live in Nevada
  2. Be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident
  3. Show proof of identity
  4. Meet certain income guidelines
  5. Have less than $2,750 in resources


What is the income limit for food stamps in Nevada? #


Most families in Nevada with gross income up to 130% of the federal poverty level, about $2,495 a month for a family of three, qualify for food stamps.

How do I apply for SNAP in Nevada? #


The quick and easy way to apply for SNAP benefits is to complete and submit an electronic application through Access Nevada or you can go to your local Welfare Office to pick up or file an application.

How long does it take to get food stamps in Nevada? #


Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to access your SNAP benefits no later than 30 days from the date the office received your application.

If you are eligible for expedited service, you will be authorized SNAP benefits within a few days, but no later than seven (7) days from application.

Those who reside on a Nevada Indian Reservation or Colony may check with the Washoe Tribe Social Services Department for application information.

Carson City
(775) 882-9256

Douglas County
(775) 265-2254

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