Mississippi SNAP

Mississippi SNAP provides monthly benefits that help low income households buy the food they need for for sound nutrition and well-balanced diet.

SNAP benefits may only be used for purchase of eligible food as well as plants and seeds that produce food for the household to eat.

Anyone may apply for SNAP benefits but the program is designed to help those who need food assistance most — the elderly and disabled, as well as Mississippians on public assistance.


Who is eligible for SNAP in Mississippi? #

In order to qualify for SNAP, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Live in Mississippi
  2. Be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident
  3. Show proof of identity
  4. Meet certain income guidelines
  5. Have less than $2,750 in resources or $4,250 if at least one member is elderly or disabled

What is the income limit for food stamps in MS? #

Most families in Mississippi with gross income up to 130% of the federal poverty level, about $2,693 a month for a family of three, qualify for SNAP benefits.

Family Size 100% 130%
1 $1,215 $1,579
2 $1,643 $2,137
3 $2,072 $2,693
4 $2,500 $3,250
5 $2,928 $3,807
6 $3,357 $4,363
7 $3,785 $4,921
8 $4,213 $5,478

Gross income limit applies to most households, except those in which at least one person is 60 years of age or older, or receives disability income.

How much is SNAP in Mississippi? #

SNAP benefits may vary from family to family depending on a variety of factors, including the household size, income and allowable deductions.

For example, a family of three with no income may receive up to $740 in monthly benefits or $440 each month if the family has a net monthly income of $1,000.

  • Family Size SNAP Benefits
  • 1 $281
  • 2 $516
  • 3 $740
  • 4 $939
  • 5 $1,116
  • 6 $1,339
  • 7 $1,480
  • 8 $1,691

The actual SNAP benefit amounts are based on a household's net income with a general rule that an increase of $100 in net income results in a reduction of $30 in benefits.

Each SNAP household will be issued an EBT card that can be used at any participating stores displaying the Quest® logo or anywhere EBT is accepted

How do I apply for food stamps in Mississippi? #

Application for SNAP can now be made online through Mississippi's access.ms.gov. It is available in English, En Español – Spanish, or Tiếng Việt – Vietnamese.

Once your application is received, the local county office will set up an interview to review your application within the next 5 days. In most cases, you’ll be notified of your eligibility no later than 30 days.

How do I check my EBT balance online in Mississippi? #

To check your EBT card balance, you may call the Mississippi EBT Cardholder Service Center at (866) 512-5087 or check online at Connect EBT.

In case you’re unaware, the current balance of your EBT can be found on your latest grocery receipt.

If you need to stretch your budget, Mississippi Fresh Savings allows you to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on a limited budget with your SNAP card.

Find a participating location near you here.

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