Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP)

Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP) is Louisiana’s version of TANF, that provides cash assistance to low-income families with children.

As a condition of eligibility, all work-eligible FITAP recipients must participate in work activities through the STEP program, aimed at helping welfare recipients become self-sufficient.

Louisiana’s Strategies to Empower People Program (STEP) provides a range of services, including vocational training and GED preparation.


How do I qualify for cash assistance in Louisiana? #

In order to qualify for cash assistance in Louisiana, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.
  2. Be a resident of the state of Louisiana.
  3. Be pregnant or have a child under age 19.
  4. Be unemployed or under employed with very low wages.

What is the income limit for TANF in Louisiana? #

In Louisiana, a family is considered “needy” when their countable income, both earned and unearned, are equal to or less than the payment standards shown below:

  • Family Size Income Limit
  • 1 $244
  • 2 $376
  • 3 $484
  • 4 $568
  • 5 $654
  • 6 $732
  • 7 $804
  • 8 $882

How much does TANF pay in Louisiana? #

Eligible families of three with no income may receive $484 each month in cash benefits and it’s limited to no more than 24 months out of any 60 month period.

How do I apply for FITAP in Louisiana? #

Application for FITAP and other Louisiana public benefits can be made online via LA CAFÉ. If you do not already have a CAFÉ account, please create one.

Once the application is filed, an eligibility worker will set up an interview, by phone or in person, to screen your likely eligibility.

If you have questions about FITAP, please call

Kinship Care Subsidy Program (KCSP) #

The second form of cash assistance in Louisiana is the Kinship Care Subsidy Program for eligible children who live with qualified relatives other than parents.

How much do you get for kinship care in Louisiana?

Families who qualify may receive a monthly cash assistance of up to $450 for each qualifying child who resides with a qualified relative other than a parent.

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