Iowa Family Investment Program (FIP)

Iowa's Family Investment Program (FIP) provides time-limited cash assistance to needy families as they work towards becoming self-sufficient.

FIP, designed to provide temporary financial assistance, offers monthly cash benefits to eligible single moms in Iowa up to a lifetime limit of 60 months.

Beside cash benefits, the FIP provides employment and training services for most participants through the PROMISE JOBS — a work and training program that will help you make a plan to become self-sufficient through participation in work-ready activities.

This plan is called a Family Investment Agreement (FIA) which is essentially a signed agreement between you and the state of Iowa.

Financial assistance with transportation, housing and child care expenses is also available to FIP recipients while they participate in any PROMISE JOBS activities.


How do I qualify for welfare in Iowa? #

To qualify for welfare in Iowa, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or legal qualified alien.
  2. Be a resident of the state of Iowa.
  3. Be responsible for a child under age 18 or 19 and still in high school.
  4. Be unemployed or under employed (working for very low wages).
  5. Meet income and resource limits which vary by category.

What is the income limit for TANF in Iowa? #

In Iowa, a family is considered “needy” when their net countable income, after taxes and other deductions, is less than $426 a month for a family of three.

The limit for countable resources is $2,000 per household.

  • Family Size Income Limit
  • 1 $183
  • 2 $361
  • 3 $426
  • 4 $495
  • 5 $548
  • 6 $610
  • 7 $670

How do I apply for FIP in Iowa? #

You may get an application from any local DHS office in the county where you live. Fill out the application and take or mail it to the local DHS office.

For expedited processing, you may also apply online through OASIS — DHS Online Application for State of Iowa Services.

DHS Division of Field Operations
1-800- 972-2017

How long does it take to get FIP in Iowa? #

If you need assistance for more than 60 months, you may request for “hardship exemption” for an additional 6 months extension.

Fill out a form called “Request for FIP Beyond 60 Months” and turn it in at the local DHS or PROMISE JOBS office.

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