Wyoming POWER (TANF)

Updated June 28, 2019

TANF is a program for low income families with children. In Wyoming, the TANF program is called POWER, Personal Opportunities With Employment Responsibilities.

POWER is a time-limited cash assistance program designed to assist families near the poverty level to become self-sufficient through a combination of employment, cash support and other supportive resources.

All eligible families in Wyoming receive at least 24 months of assistance but no more than 60 months in a lifetime.

The law requires all TANF applicants ages 16-59 who aren’t disabled to participate in work-related activities and cooperate with child support as a condition of eligibility.

For more information on the Wyoming POWER program, please contact

Georgia Auch
TANF Program Manager
Wyoming Department of Family Services

State Adult Student Financial Aid (SASFA) is another cash assistance program for single parents who are attending college for the first time.