Updated June 14, 2019

WV WORKS is West Virginia’s TANF Program that provides monthly cash assistance to eligible families. The goal is to assist poorest families become self-sufficient.

Eligible families of three with no income may receive $340 each month and it’s limited to no more than 60 months of cash assistance.1

Those receiving cash benefits are required to attend an orientation and sign a Personal Responsibility Contract (PRC) — supposedly a plan of activities you will do to help you get a job and support your family on your own.

Families who seek one-time, short-term assistance while searching for a job may apply for Diversionary Cash Assistance (DCA) in lieu of ongoing WV WORKS payments.

WV WORKS is a work participation program. If you receive WV WORKS, you may have to spend 6 weeks out of each 12 months looking for a job.

After 24 months of cash assistance, you have to work an average of at least 25 hours a week. If you do not, your case can be closed.


Applications may be made at DHHR’s local office or electronically via inROADS. Once your application is filed, an eligibility interview will be arranged.

You can also use the “pre-screener” to find out if you may qualify for benefits offered by the state of West Virginia, such as VW WORKS, SNAP, WIC, and Medicaid.

Applicants are now required to complete a drug screening questionnaire to determine a reasonable suspicion of drug use.2

For additional details about VW WORKS, call
(304) 558-0628

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