The Future of College Assistance Under a Romney/Ryan Tag-Team

So Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate – very bad news for the aspiring collegiate student who isn’t born into a life of privilege.

Paul Ryan’s budget proposals basically involve gutting apart the Pell Grant program. He wants to further raise eligibility requirements for the grant, reducing the number of students that can benefit from Pell grants. Ryan’s proposals also include a clause where interest-free payments on subsidized Stafford loans would be cut out.

This means that fewer students would be eligible for Pell funding while they’ll be forced to pay interest even while they’re still studying.

This is definitely a case where the solution is worse than the problem. Can’t find money to pay for the increasing number of students applying for Pell Grants? Cut the program apart until its all skin and bones!

To be completely honest, Ryan is an out-of-touch shill for the rich players of America. He advocates tax cuts for Americans on top of the income scale even as he advocates cuts on educational and medical assistance. The sad part is that it’s the big players in Wall Street that brought America to its knees in 2008, and he wants to reward these buggers for their efforts while the rest of us struggle?

Now that’s just not fair.

Nate Silver of the New York Times has written that Ryan is the most right-wing vice presidential candidate since 1900. He is quick to slash budgets helping the poor but asks nothing from the wealthier members of society, as if the rich are the only “real” Americans protected by the nation and that everyone else is a second-class citizen.

But don’t take my word for it. Check this Wikipedia entry on Ryan’s so-called “Path to Prosperity” and double-check the contents on this PDF file.

You can then make the decision for yourself whether you want Ryan to support the “risk-takers” (i.e. the top 2%) of America or the vast majority who silently, humbly work their buns off in the shadows.

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