Rhode Island SNAP

SNAP helps eligible single adults, couples, children and families, who may be working but are still struggling to put food on the table.

Eligibility is determined by certain factors, including the household’s size and income. Most families with income up to 185% of the federal poverty level qualify for SNAP benefits.


In order to qualify for SNAP, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Live in Rhode Island
  2. Be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident
  3. Show proof of identity
  4. Meet certain income guidelines
  5. Have less than $2,250 in resources

For most people there is no time limit for how long they can receive SNAP benefits. The law, however, do limit benefits to 3 months in a 36-month period for able-bodied SNAP recipients ages 18—49 without dependents. 1


Is RI getting extra food stamps this month? #


Yes, families that had not received a supplemental payment at all will get at least $95 for as long as the public health emergency continues.

What is the income limit for snap in Rhode Island? #


Most families in Rhode Island with gross income up to 185% of the federal poverty level, about $3,380 a month for a family of three, qualify for food stamps.

How to apply for SNAP in RI? #


If you wish to apply for SNAP, you may submit an online application or contact your local DHS Office. You will need to complete a “DHS-2 Application” and provide proof of identity, income, assets/resources and expenses.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to access your SNAP benefits no later than 30 days from the date the office received your application.

If you are eligible for expedited service, you may get benefits in seven days or less.


Under the new Food Access Pilot Program, eligible elderly, disabled and homeless SNAP participants can now use their EBT cards to purchase meals at participating restaurants.

How do I check the status of my SNAP application in RI? #


To check if your application is approved, denied, or pending, you may use the self-service options by calling 1-855-697-4347 and selecting option #2.

  1. As of September 1, 2018, ABAWDs in the following towns may be subject to a three-month time limit.