Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico (NAP)

Updated February 7, 2020

Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico (NAP) — which is Puerto Rico’s version of SNAP, aka food stamps, is a social safety net program intended to provide food benefits to Puerto Rico’s neediest residents.

NAP participants receive benefits on EBT cards once a month, but NAP benefits can only be redeemed at certified retailers within Puerto Rico.

Unlike the traditional SNAP, a small portion, about 25% of the NAP benefit can be redeemed as cash at automatic teller machines within the Commonwealth.

The average monthly amount a 3-member family may receive is $315, out of which $78 can be withdrawn as cash that they can use to purchase medicine, cover rent expenses and buy gas, among other items.1

How to get food stamps in Puerto Rico?

NAP eligibility is based on net income and asset limits. As of 2017, to be eligible for NAP benefits, a household of three must have net income at or below $599 per month and resources less than or equal to $3,000.

How to apply for food stamps in Puerto Rico?

To apply for NAP, call 311 from within Puerto Rico or apply online at

Para asistencia, por favor llame
Programa de Asistencia Nutricional
(787) 289-1199

Puerto Rico (EBT) Customer Service Information

(787) 289-7623

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