Now That Obamacare is Upheld, What Does it Mean for Single Moms?

By now, everyone has heard that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act this morning, June 28.

Nothing major was struck out and it was ruled as constitutional, meaning that everything in the act will run their course properly.

But what exactly does this mean for the average mom that’s busy raising her kids without a father?

Given below are some of the more important highlights of ObamaCare when it’s fully implemented in 2014.1

  1. With ObamaCare, starting in 2014 new insurance plans will no longer be able to treat women as pre-existing conditions. No more discrimination against women simply because they are women.
  2. Under a practice known as “gender rating,” insurers currently charge women higher premiums than men for identical health benefits. As of 2014, however, gender rating will become illegal in all new insurance plans.
  3. Also in 2014 up to 10.3 million women will gain insurance coverage when Medicaid expands its eligibility to include people with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level. Women will no longer need to be pregnant or parenting to enroll in Medicaid so long as they meet the income requirements.
  4. On top of all this, much of women’s preventative care, including contraception, Pap test, mammograms, and domestic violence screenings, will be covered without copay.

But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. If Republicans get their way in the November elections, chances are that ACA would be torn down bit by bit or shelved entirely – as Mitt Romney has loudly pledged to do.

If you have an individual policy for yourself and your family, hang on to it just in case. You might not be able to get the level of coverage you currently have in your plan if ACA is repealed later down the road.

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