North Dakota TANF

Updated June 14, 2019

Through TANF program, North Dakota provides monthly cash assistance for poor families with children under age 18 along with work readiness, training and job placement services.

The aim is to provide the much needed assistance to needy families with children on a temporary basis and help them move to self-sufficiency.

Unless determined to be exempt, most TANF recipients are required to participate in the Job Opportunity and Basic Skills (JOBS) program which is the employment and training component of North Dakota’s TANF program.

If you have a child under age 6, you must, as a condition of eligibility, participate in an approved work activity for an average of 20 hours per week.

To determine if you are eligible for financial assistance programs in North Dakota, you must complete the application process.

For information related to application for benefits or program eligibility contact your local County Social Services Office or direct your questions to

Economic Assistance Policy Division
TANF / JOBS Programs
(800) 755-2716