Student Loans, Anyone?

For those who do receive student aid, the amount, in reality, is far less than “what is needed”. Often federal student loan is offered as part of a total financial aid package with lower interest rate and easier repayment plan.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
If you are a single mother going back to school, Stafford loan offers one of the best choices for low-cost borrowing to pay for college.
Private Student Loans
There are two options when you’re looking for a loan to pay for school — FEDERAL student loans or PRIVATE loans.
Direct PLUS Loans for Parents
With the rising cost of college, the Parent PLUS loan is one of the loan options that lets parents help their child bridge the funding gap.
Direct PLUS Loans for Graduates
Grad PLUS Loan operates in similar fashion to the Parent PLUS Loan but the loans are actually made to the students, not the parents.