Illinois TANF


TANF is one of Illinois’ cash assistance programs that provides temporary financial assistance for pregnant women and families with children.

TANF gives monthly cash to help pay for food, shelter, utilities, and expenses other than medical to eligible families up to a total limit of 60 months.

Most TANF families are expected to register for work or participate in work activities as a condition of receiving cash benefits, unless otherwise exempt.

If you are a single parent with a child under age 6, you must work or participate in a work activity for at least 20 hours per week. Two-parent families are required to work 35 hours per week.


You may apply for TANF in person at a local DHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) that serves the area where you live. Use the DHS Office Locator to help find the nearest center.

Online application is now available through Illinois ABE — Illinois’ new web-based portal for Medicaid, SNAP and TANF.

If your application is approved, you will get your cash benefits on an Illinois LINK card that you can use at any authorized retailer or to get cash from an ATM.

For further information about Illinois TANF, call
Illinois DHS Help Line
1 800 843-6154

If your family is in immediate need of food, your SNAP application may be processed right away, whether or not you qualify for TANF.