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1New York Family Assistance

2New York Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

3New York Medicaid


4New York Earned Income Tax Credit

New York State EITC is an important tax benefit for income-earning New Yorkers who file income tax returns with the IRS and New York State. The EITC can reduce the amount of tax owed, and even result in a significant refund.

New York City is one of the few cities in the U.S. that have a personal income tax as such, for those who resides in NYC, the EITC includes credits from the federal government, New York State and New York City.

New York State offers an EITC pegged to 30% of the federal credit, and New York City has an EITC at 5% of the federal credit. Currently, a family with three qualifying children may be eligible for a combined federal/state/city EITC of $8,463.

Noncustodial Parent Earned Income Tax Credit

New York was the first state in the nation to enact a Noncustodial Parent EITC in 20061 — the refundable credit that encourages low-income noncustodial parents to work and stay current with their child support payments.


To apply for NYS and NYC EITC, you must complete your NYS income tax return and the NYS Claim for Earned Income Credit (IT-215) Form. You can find these forms either online at or at your local library or post office.

5New York pre-Kindergarten Program

There are free pre-K programs in NY public schools that are approved by the New York City Department of Education but provided by community organizations. These programs usually last 2½ to 6 hours of a school day.

To enroll in the program, contact public schools directly to inquire about admissions or to get on their waitlists. The full list of public schools offering pre-K programs can be found in the Pre-Kindergarten Directory.

6New York Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), also known as LIHEAP, is a federally funded energy assistance program to help low-income families pay the cost of heating their homes.

The HEAP program consists of three components – Regular HEAP, Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement, and Emergency HEAP2 if you are in danger of running out of fuel or having your utility service shut off.

When the HEAP season is open you may apply online for Regular HEAP at All applicants for Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement benefits must apply in person at the HEAP Local District.

7New York HEAP Cooling Assistance Program

Cooling assistance is also available to help New Yorkers who have medical conditions that can be aggravated by extreme heat buy and install air conditioning – up to $800 per installation for eligible household.

Like HEAP funding, cooling assistance funds are limited and are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Applications run through August 31, or until funding runs out, whichever comes first.

For more information on how to apply, call
(212) 835-7216

  1. The Urban Institute, Extending the EITC to Noncustodial Parents
  2. A HEAP emergency benefit may be issued in addition to your regular HEAP benefit.