Connecticut SNAP

Updated June 25, 2019

Connecticut SNAP is a nutrition program that helps individuals and families with little or no income buy and eat healthy food.

Eligibility for SNAP benefits is limited to families with gross incomes not exceeding 185% of the federal poverty guidelines. That’s about $3,200 a month for a family of three.

The law requires all able-bodied SNAP recipients ages 18—49 living in non-exempt area 1 to meet special work requirements. Otherwise, receipt of benefits is limited to no more than 3 months during a 36-month period.


  • Who qualifies for SNAP in CT?

    In order to qualify for SNAP in CT, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Live in Connecticut
    • Be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident
    • Show proof of identity
    • Meet certain income guidelines
    • Have less than $3,500 in resources
  • What can I buy with SNAP in CT?

    What you can buy with SNAP:

    • Breads and cereals
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Meats, fish and poultry
    • Dairy products
    • Seeds and plants that produce food such as tomato seeds
    • Bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages

    What you CANNOT buy with SNAP:

    • Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco
    • Any nonfood items, such as: pet foods, soaps, paper products and household supplies
    • Vitamins and medicines
    • Food that will be eaten in the store
    • Hot foods or foods that are already prepared
  • How do I apply for SNAP benefits in CT?

    You may apply for SNAP online at ConneCT, under “Apply for Benefits”, or pre-screen your eligibility under “Am I Eligible”, which also pre-screens for cash and medical benefits.

    If you prefer, you can fill out the application for SNAP benefits at your local Department of Social Services office.

    For a list of local offices, please follow this link.

Once approved, you will receive an electronic EBT card that is preloaded monthly with cash benefits which can be used to purchase food from local grocery stores. Look for the “Quest Logo” or another sign that states EBT or SNAP is accepted.

For more information about Connecticut SNAP, please call
DSS Client Information Line & Benefits Center

  1. List of towns that are not exempt from the ABAWD time limits, as of January 2019()