Colorado College Opportunity Fund (COF)

Colorado's College Opportunity Fund (COF) provides a stipend to eligible undergraduate students attending a Colorado participating public institution or private school.

The COF stipend 1 will lower your tuition bill by $116 per credit hour at participating public colleges or $58 per credit hour at participating private colleges.

For example, if you take 30 credit hours per semester in a public college, you will receive a stipend in the amount of $3,060 for the year.

COF vouchers will be capped at 145 cumulative attempted semester credit hours. Students who have exhausted the 145 credit hours, may request a waiver for additional funding.


Who is eligible for the Colorado Opportunity Fund? #

  1. Be a Colorado resident and U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  2. Be classified as an in-state student for tuition as determined by the college
  3. Be enrolled at least half-time as an undergraduate student
  4. Be admitted and enrolled at a Colorado public institution or a participating private institution

If you attend a participating Colorado private university, you must apply for financial aid through FAFSA and be eligible for a Pell Grant.

How do I apply for College Opportunity Fund? #

All eligible students must complete the COF application and authorize the use of the stipend when registering for classes at their respective institutions.

You only have to apply once in your lifetime, and you will receive the stipend every term that you register AND authorize for eligible undergraduate courses.

For additional information, please contact COF at 720-264-8550.


  1. Stipend means the amount of money per credit hour paid by the state of Colorado on behalf of an eligible undergraduate student attending a participating college in the state of Colorado.
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